We are held to a higher standard than brokers, called the Fiduciary Standard. Brokers are held to a Suitability Standard.
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We take the guesswork out of your financial future. We make saving for your retirement is as simple as 1-2-3. Read the Riskalyze brochure that explains how easy it is to save for retirement. Then, click on the "Free Portfolio Risk Analysis" in the Menu above to get started.

We provide our clients with a brochure, called a Form ADV Part 2, that describes exactly how we do business. See our Form ADV Part 2 here

We use Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. as our primary custodian. To learn more about Charles Schwab's special web site for our clients, called Schwab Alliance, click here.

We make transferring your account to us easy! We help you fill out forms to roll over your 401(k), 403(b) and other accounts to the independent custodian that will hold your assets.

If you desire, we will vote the proxies for you. (Many investment advisors don't.)


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We have partnered with Charles Schwab to offer a state-of-the-art Robo-Advisor program, but one with a personal touch!

We offer 30 different investment strategies that invest solely in low-cost Exchage-Traded Funds (ETFs) that will leave more money in your pocket. These portfolios are only available at Labrador Investments. Charles Schwab charges no account service fees or commissions on these accounts.

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Investment Strategies Available:

• 12 Growth-Oriented Portfolios that include varying percentages in Stocks and Taxable Bonds
• 12 Growth-Oriented Portfolios that include varying percentages in Stocks and Municipal Bonds
• 3 Income-Oriented Portfolios that include varying percentages in Stocks and Taxable Bonds
• 3 Income-Oriented Portfolios that include varying percentages in Stocks and Taxable Bonds

For more information, contact either Anita Eisthen at 513-630-7733.

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For current clients and future clients, we offer a special Risk Analysis and Retirement Map. We are the only investment advisors in the Greater Cincinnati-Dayton area that we know of that utilize this software, called Riskalyze.

If you are interested in the precise risk and potential return characteristics of your current portfolio, or of any of the Institutional Intelligent portfolios offered through our Robo-Advisor platform, please contact Anita Eisthen at 513-630-7733.


Clients now have more ways to access their account information.

Charles Schwab offers a special web site that is devoted exclusively to clients of institutional investors such as Labrador Investments. Click here to access your account

Charles Schwab also offers a special app for your smart phone so that you can securely access your account information. It's easy! Just go to your Droid or iPhone App store and download the Schwab Alliance app today!



We believe that communication with clients is essential.

• We meet with clients (in person, or by phone), at least annually, for a review of our clients’ circumstances. This assures that the investment strategy continues to be appropriate for you.
• We provide a quarterly newsletter that is exclusively for clients and friends of Labrador Investments.
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• Our blog is here:
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• We believe that investor education is important. We spend time during meetings discussing topics relevant to our clients that inform and educate.

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