We are entering the summer season for investing, when many professional traders on Wall Street spend summer weekends in the Hamptons.   They also tend to take more vacations than normal (as does most everyone who works).  As a result, it is easier for those traders who are still at their desks to move the market more easily, because trading volume tends to be lighter.  The same holds true for the bots that dominate trading volume, make markets, and move markets.  This brings on more volatility to the market, which can result in bigger ups, and downs.  Friday afternoon, in particular, tends to be particularly light in terms of trading volume.  The higher volatility really does not mean much in terms of actual changes in companies’ prospects.   However, this volatility can rattle investors.

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As of May 1, I decided to start blogging again, at this new site, after no posts at my old blog for quite awhile.

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Labrador Investments, LLC was established in 1998 to help clients realize their financial dreams. Our vision is to provide truly customized service to clients that is typically not available from large institutions such as banks and brokerage firms.

Experience and Credentials


  • Investment management for individuals, businesses, pension funds and pooled investments.
  • Preparation of written investment reviews (mix of stocks, bonds, cash and mutual funds) with a detailed analysis of each asset, including recommendations and action plans.
  • Research used in investment analysis and selection includes global markets; international economics; and evaluation of individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds and commodities.
  • Experienced staff: Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) serving clients for over 20 years.
  • Published and quoted in The Wall Street Journal
  • Quoted in SmartMoney
  • Quoted on the web site.


Professional Affiliations

    • CFA Institute
    • Cincinnati Society of CFAs
    • American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)
    • Business Networking International (BNI, Inc.)
    • Finance Expert on web site

Regulatory Filings

Please refer to our >SEC Form ADV Part II for more information.

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