Single and Periodic Investment Reviews

This is a pre-paid service (subject to a maximum initial deposit of $499) and is intended for account valued at less than $250,000.

For Accounts Under $250,000

 Investment Goals and Objectives

  •  Initial review: $50
  • Updates: $25

 Includes a one hour consultation to evaluate your investment goals:  desired investment return, willingness to take on risk, income requirements, time horizon (example: how soon you will retire), desired cash for emergencies and large one-time expenses and monthly distributions, legal issues (including correct beneficiary designations), and other special issues that might influence the best investments for you.

 Investment Review

Standard brokerage/advisrory/trust accounts,  IRA, 401(k) and 403(b) Accounts With Only Mutual Fund Investments (per review)

  •  One Time(Annual): $50
  • Semi-Annual: $45
  • Quarterly: $40

 Accounts With Individual Stocks and Bonds

  • One Time/Annual: $10/asset
  • Semi-Annual: $7.50/asset
  • Quarterly: $6.00/asset

 Full-Time Investment Management  With Trading Authority: 1%/year

 Clients who initially select periodic reviews but then opt for full-time investment management will be credited with the initial payment towards their full-time investment management fee.

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